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Video: Vigilant Aerospace Systems 2018 Year-in-Review

Video: Vigilant Aerospace Systems 2018 Year-in-Review

Vigilant Aerospace Systems is happy to share our 2018 Year-in-Review video, below. The company had an outstanding year with numerous milestones for our products, programs and flights. We are especially excited about the new beyond visual line-of-sight flights, NASA...


FlightHorizon Explainer video: Central Role of Safety Systems in Droneport Development - captions: From the video: Imagine a world in which drones travel freely throughout the US, inspecting vital bridges and pipelines, responding to emergencies, and delivering...

Technical Resources

Papers & Presentations Testing and Evaluation of UTM Systems in a BVLOS EnvironmentTaylor Mitchell, Marc Hartman, Dane Johnson, Rakshit Allamraju, Jamey D. Jacob and Kraettli Epperson; 2020 AIAA Aviation Forum, June 2020. Link [PDF]   Unmanned Traffic...

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