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Vigilant Aerospace Registers to Provide FlightHorizon to FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program Applicants (UIPP)

Vigilant Aerospace has registered as an Interested Party in the FAA’s new UAS Integration Pilot Program (UIPP), which is designed to allow state, local and tribal governments in the US to create Innovation Zones in which advanced UAS operations can be carried out and...
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Vigilant Aerospace Closes Investment Round with Venture Capital Fund The Flying Object and Kluz Ventures

Vigilant Aerospace has announced a new investment from Kluz Ventures, through its commercial drone and robotics fund The Flying Object. The Flying Object (TFO) makes investments into US and international unmanned aerial systems technology and service companies that...
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Digital Circuit Reviews the New DJI Proposal on Traffic Management and References FlightHorizon

Digital Circuit published an article on Sept. 23rd about DJI's new white paper, Unmanned Traffic Self-Management: How Smart Drones Will Find Their Own Way In the Airspace, which proposes simplified unmanned traffic management by means of radio transponders. The...
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Feature Updates: New Logging System, Binary Logging, Hardware Compatibility Added to FlightHorizon

Based on recent flight testing at NASA, work with manned aircraft safety training providers, and long-range offshore public safety patrol flights, Vigilant Aerospace has added several new features to FlightHorizon. These include a broader range of transponder...
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