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FlightHorizon COMMANDER™

FlightHorizon COMMANDER™ provides airspace managers with a real-time situational awareness and detect-and-avoid solution that fuses data from multiple sensors and sources into a unified visualization and tracking system.

With built-in monitoring and alerting, self-separation commands and well-clear management, FlightHorizon COMMANDER™ is designed to keep your airspace visible and safe. It can run locally on a laptop or server and can use local, over-the-air signals or connect to FAA and UTM systems for online interactions.

FlightHorizon COMMANDER™ is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent and prototype and the commercial version is actively used by NASA for airspace management and flight logging during research flight campaigns. The system has been tested beyond visual line-of-sight and multiple research papers are available.

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Features & Benefits

Drone Detect and Avoid_1 Real-time airspace visualization for safety and management; 2D and 3D geospatial views and high resolution aerial photography; Increase situational awareness, decrease risk
Active monitoring, alerting, conflict-detection and self-separation commands; Provides active tracking and de-confliction; No more guessing
Data fusion across multiple data sources including ADS-B, and when available, ground-based or onboard radar, FAA data streams and UTM; Creates a wholistic, unified view of the airspace
Drone_Global_1 Concept of operations (ConOps) and risk mitigation documentation and supporting research available; ConOps is designed to be compliant with FAA requirements
Self-contained flight information management system (FIMS); Turn-key solution for flight programs, air fields, flight campaigns and for training and safety programs
  Detailed airspace logging with target states recorded up to five times per second; Full binary signals logging available; Easy re-play of logs in FlightHorizon COMMANDER; Logs can also be analyzed outside of FlightHorizon
  Optional radar module for integration with ground-based and onboard radars to provide detection and tracking of non-cooperative targets, when radar is available
  Highly flexible, modular and extensible software with room to grow as new sensors and technologies are added
Full integration and consulting services available from Vigilant Aerospace Systems
Affordable, predictable annual cost; Bundled with or without hardware and sensors

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