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Products & Services Overview

Fly safely with FlightHorizon. Detect and avoid aircraft when flying beyond visual line-of-sight.

Do your commercial unmanned aircraft operations require beyond visual line-of-sight flight, FAA Part 107.205 Line-of-Sight waiver, 333 Exemption Certificate of Authorization to fly beyond line-of-sight or other authorizations? Do you need autonomous self-separation assurance? Do you need to fly above 400’, fly near airports, at night or over water?
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FlightHorizon, designed by NASA, provides a complete autonomous detect-and-avoid solution for both piloted and fully autonomous unmanned aircraft to deliver situational awareness, self-separation commands, and airspace management for both piloted and autonomous unmanned aircraft.

Product Background

Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Inc. provides the FlightHorizon family of products which use data from standard aviation transponders and radar to allow unmanned aircraft to autonomously self-separate from other aircraft and avoid mid-air collisions. This function is critical to allowing unmanned aircraft to fly beyond visual line-of-sight.

The system is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent (#9,405,005) and prototype which has been extensively tested and which provides a unique autonomous “detect-and-avoid” function.

In addition, the software provides unmanned aircraft pilots with a 2D map-based view and 3D synthetic cockpit view of the airspace and full sensor fusion across aviation transponders, radars and online data feeds. The system is designed to help operators maintain flight safety, achieve beyond visual line-of-sight flight authorizations.

The company also provides integration and development consulting in addition to testing, training and compliance services for unmanned aircraft flight operation departments and fleet managers.


  • FlightHorizon GCS™ – Uses an aviation transponder and, when available, ground-based radar attached to a laptop or workstation at the ground control station to provide commands to maintain well-clear distances and situational awareness to the ground-based unmanned aircraft pilot.
  • FlightHorizon COMMANDER™ – Airspace management system designed for airspace managers, fleet operators and anyone who needs to maintain a big-picture view of their airspace, maintain well-clear for unmanned aircraft and keep detailed flight logs.
  • FlightHorizon PILOT™ – (COMING SOON) Uses onboard FlightHorizon computer, transponder data and, when available, radar data, to send self-separation commands directly to the onboard autopilot.


  • Integration & Consulting – Consulting services to ensure the smooth integration of FlightHorizon into your flight operations

Additional Technical Resources

Download our software and services summary:

View and download our FlightHorizon™ Software and Services Overview [PDF] document for more information on: Integration and Consulting Services, FlightHorizon GCS™, FlightHorizon COMMANDER™, FlightHorizon PILOT™, and check out our Buying Guide to find out which package is best for you!

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