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Vigilant Aerospace was a sponsor and presenter at the recent DronePort Network Seminar “Unlocking the Potential in Your Community” produced by the DronePort Network as an AUVSI 2019 XPONENTIAL co-located event in Chicago, IL on April 29th.

Vigilant Aerospace CEO, Kraettli L. Epperson, presented a session on “The Central Role of Flight Safety Systems and Airspace Management in Droneport Development” as part of the half-day seminar.

From the seminar description:
Setting up a droneport or unmanned aircraft system (UAS) program can be a complex process, especially when complying with standards and regulations, managing FAA authorizations, and providing responsible airspace management. Flying drones near controlled airspace or beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) requires unmanned aircraft operators to be able to detect-and-avoid other aircraft and to maintain well-clear distances.


This presentation will help you to understand and begin to address these safety and regulatory challenges with the strategies, processes and technical solutions available today to implement safe and compliant airspace management for your droneport. In addition, seizing the initiative to supply your users and tenants with ready solutions to these safety and regulatory challenges can immediately improve the competitiveness and economic impact of your droneport while enhancing the value of your program for your users and community.

Special thanks to the DronePort Network ( for inviting us to speak at the Droneport Seminar, a 2019 AUVSI XPONENTIAL co-located event.

You can watch the full presentation and read the transcript below (32 minutes and 45 seconds):

Central Role of Safety Systems in Droneport Development: Solving the Airspace Management Problem

Quick, “Jump-to” video links:

  • 1:39 – Intro to Vigilant Aerospace Systems
  • 5:14 – The Basic Questions – Flight Safety for Droneport Development
  • 6:15 – What does my safety system need to accomplish?
  • 10:41 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 1: Solving the Airspace Management Problem
  • 12:04 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 2: The Industries
  • 13:08 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 3: The Analysis
  • 15:39 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 4: The Plan
  • 17:38 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 5: The Solution
  • 18:41 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 6: The Technology
  • 21:40 – Setting up a Droneport – Step 7: Enablement
  • 24:40 – Quick intro to FlightHorizon COMMANDER detect-and-avoid and airspace management
  • 28:47 – Q&A – Audience Question: How is FlightHorizon future-proof?

From the video:
[transcription coming soon]

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