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Vigilant Aerospace CEO, Kraettli Epperson, is joining Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and NASA as a speaker at the upcoming UAS TechForum to be hosted in Oklahoma City next week. The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Forum is a full day seminar featuring presentations from national UAS professionals. For event information, a full list of event speakers, and presentation schedule, check out the Tech Forum event website. Here is the full text of the announcement: Press Announcement – VAS to Present on Tech Transfer at Drone Conference in Okla. City – August 31 2016 [PDF] Note: The announcement below has been updated to fit the recent revisions to the event keynote speaker.

Vigilant Aerospace CEO joins Kespry and Oklahoma Gov. Fallin for Drone Forum

Panel to be presented on the tech transfer partnership between NASA and Vigilant Aerospace
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. (August 31, 2016) – Vigilant Aerospace’s CEO will be telling the story of its partnership with NASA and the launch of the company’s flagship drone management and safety system, FlightHorizon, during a panel at the upcoming Unmanned Aerial Systems Tech Forum in Oklahoma City on Sept. 8th, 2016. He will be joined on the panel by tech transfer specialist Janeya Griffin from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center and venture capitalist Robert Heard, Managing Director of Cimarron Capital Partners.
uas dron forum

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin

The event also features a keynote by a representative from Gabriel Dobbs, Vice President of Business Development and Policy of Kespry, and also a welcoming address by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin. The tech transfer panel, called “A NASA Researcher, a Commercialization Expert, and an Investor walk into a bar…”, will discuss the discovery, licensing, and tech transfer process that led to the launch of the company’s flagship product, FlightHorizon, which is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent and prototype. The panel will focus on how entrepreneurs and investors can partner with and benefit from federal lab technology portfolios and other licensable technologies to create new products and startups.
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Oklahoma Sec. of Science and Technology Dr. Stephen McKeever

Epperson will also serve on a panel discussing “The Future of UAS in Oklahoma and Kansas.” The panel includes Oklahoma Secretary of Science and Technology Dr. Stephen McKeever and will focus on the policies and resources needed to make the region the national leader in unmanned aerial systems. The 2016 UAS Tech Forum is organized by the Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative of Oklahoma and Southern Kansas and is an event for entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, tech transfer professionals, economic development officials and others in the unmanned aerial systems industry. The event features tech presentations, panel discussions, startup and investment pitches, and networking opportunities. More details and the full event agenda can be found here: About the Unmanned Aerial Systems Cluster Initiative and Tech Forum The UAS Cluster Initiative for Oklahoma and South Kansas is a collaboration funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and is managed by Development Capital Networks (DCN), with support from the Oklahoma UAS Council and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. It is focused on bringing industry stakeholders together, sharing training and best practices, facilitating partnerships and attracting capital.
Kraettli L. Epperson, CEO, Vigilant Aerospace

Kraettli L. Epperson,
CEO, Vigilant Aerospace

About Vigilant Aerospace Systems Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Inc. provides next-generation flight management and safety systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft. The company’s avionics software platform, FlightHorizon™, is based on an exclusively licensed NASA patent and provides situational awareness, synthetic cockpit views, commands to maintain well-clear distances and other flight information to enable integration of UAS into the national airspace.     Photo Credit: Flickr, John Loo

About Vigilant Aerospace Systems

Vigilant Aerospace is the leading developer of detect-and-avoid and airspace management software for uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS or drones). The company’s product, FlightHorizon, is based on two NASA patents and uses data from multiple sources to display a real-time picture of the air traffic around a UAS and to provide automatic avoidance maneuvers to prevent collisions. The software is designed to meet industry technical standards, to provide automatic safety and to allow UAS to safely fly beyond the sight of the pilot. The software has won multiple industry awards and the company has had contracts and users at NASA, the FAA, the U.S. Department of Defense and with a variety of drone development programs. Visit our website at

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