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Vigilant Aerospace Systems has announced two new products in the FlightHorizon™ family, including our detect-and-avoid software for both manned and unmanned aircraft.

FlightHorizon GA™

NASA Developed Avionics for ADS-B In/Out, Detect-and-Avoid Flight Information for General Aviation Pilots

FlightHorizon GA™ is an avionics software package that provides traffic, situational awareness, detect-and-avoid commands and other information for General Aviation pilots using a variety of sensors, including their ADS-B In transponder. The product is based on an exclusively licensed patent and software suite developed and tested by NASA at Armstrong Flight Research Center.

Check out the new FlightHorizon GA™ product page for more information!

FlightHorizon UAS™

Avionics for Operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems Beyond Line of Sight

Our FlightHorizon UAS™ product is an avionics software package that provides traffic and situational awareness, detect-and-avoid, 3D synthetic cockpit views and other flight information for unmanned aircraft using a variety of sensors, including ADS-B In.

FlightHorizon UAS™ is designed to meet the upcoming RTCA SC-228 Phase II Minimum Operating Standards, slated for publication in September 2016 as part of the FAA’s authorization to allow drones to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). It is also intended to help unmanned operators obtain a sUAS rules Part 107 BVLOS waiver under Section 107.200 of the new regulation.

Check out the new FlightHorizon UAS™ product page for complete info on the product.

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