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Are you interested in developing a droneport for your community? What are the initial considerations regarding systems, safety and authorizations at a new droneport?

Vigilant Aerospace has recently published a 10-minute video answering many of the frequently asked questions by droneport developers in the early stages of considering unmanned aircraft traffic at their local general aviation airport or greenfield site.

This is a high level overview of the topic designed for non-technical economic developers, public sector participants, elected officials, airport owners and managers, and others.

A wide variety of topics are briefly covered in this short video:

  • Who are we? A brief introduction to Vigilant Aerospace Systems
  • What is droneport enablement?
  • Why does droneport enablement matter?
  • What does droneport enablement look like?
  • How do we develop droneports? What is the process?
  • What kinds of UAS or drone flights can be completed from a droneport?
  • What does a “droneport project” include in terms of systems, training and operational support?
  • What are your next steps to developing your droneport?

Vigilant Aerospace is an adviser and founding member of the DronePort Network. This video was developed to support the Network’s traveling workshop program which is currently helping to connect and educate droneport developers throughout the US.

The DronePort Network’s workshop is designed to share information about the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) industry, the role of droneports in supporting commercial unmanned aircraft traffic, and to facilitate discussions on the key steps necessary to the development of a droneport.

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