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Vigilant Aerospace has published a new FlightHorizon Buying Guide to help you through the process of selecting the right product for your operational needs.

Whether you are flying a single small UAS for patrols within 20 miles of your ground control station, or are flying a fleet of long-range inspection UAS hundreds of miles offshore, Vigilant Aerospace has a product and configuration of FlightHorizon to meet your needs.

The buying guide is laid out as a table for quick reading. On the left-hand side of the table, you will find the “Operational Requirements” column, which contains a description of your flight situation, including flight ranges, integration needs and level of autonomy. In the middle column, “Requirements,” you will see a list of the personnel and equipment required to use the product. In the right-hand column you will find a link to the product in the FlightHorizon family that best meets your needs.

We hope that our new buying guide will help you to easily select the right product for your needs and please feel free to contact us for answers to additional questions or to schedule a flight test of your selected product.

Check out the new FlightHorizon Buying Guide now.

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