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This buying guide will help you select the correct product based on your operational needs.

Operational Needs… Requirements… Product…
  • Fully autonomous detect-and-avoid solution
  • Unlimited range from the ground control station
  • Requires onboard transponder
  • Requires installation of FlightHorizon flight computer and integration to autopilot
  • Onboard radar unit option
  • Networked traffic management option
 FlightHorizon PILOT™
Operational Needs… Requirements… Product…
  • Airspace management, tracking of multiple aircraft in real time, self-separation and well-clear maintenance
  • Optional online data feeds require internet connection
  • Optional radar module
 FlightHorizon COMMANDER™
Operational Needs… Requirements… Product…
  • Systems integration and testing
  • Software and hardware integration to onboard control radio and autopilot
  • Custom software and user interface design and development
  • None
FlightHorizon Consulting

Check out the FlightHorizon explainer video and contact us to get FlightHorizon working for you!

Download our software and services summary:

View and download our FlightHorizon™ Software and Services Overview [PDF] document for more information on: Integration and Consulting Services, FlightHorizon GCS™, FlightHorizon COMMANDER™, FlightHorizon PILOT™, and check out our Buying Guide to find out which package is best for you!

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