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Vigilant Aerospace has released its Q4 2017 edition of the Beyond Line-of-Sight Drone List and this latest edition is available for download now.

The list was initially announced and first published earlier this year and contains a complete list of all commercial drones available in the US capable of extended line-of-sight or beyond visual line-of-sight operations. The list focuses on commercial drones currently available in the US market with flight endurance of at least 25 minutes and a remote range of one mile or more.

Details provided in the list include the drone manufacturer, model, aircraft type, intended purpose, weight, maximum speed, endurance, length, wingspan, maximum take-off weight, maximum payload, remote range, approximate price and a link to the aircraft on the manufacturer’s website.

The list can be downloaded at

Vigilant Aerospace is providing and maintaining the list as a free, complementary resource to support the emerging commercial drone industry. Updates to the list are typically released on a quarterly basis.

If you manufacture or know of a drone currently available on the market that you think should be included on the next release of our Beyond Line-of-Sight Drone List, contact us to submit the drone specifications!

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