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Video: Introducing FlightHorizon from Vigilant Aerospace

The video below provides a basic explanation of our new FlightHorizon software. Click the “play” button below to start the video. The video is 2 minutes, 20 seconds in length.



From the video:

Drone aircraft offer a safer and more economical choice for applications ranging from delivering urgent packages, inspecting vital bridges and pipelines, to responding to emergencies like floods and fires.

But right now, it is difficult and illegal for drones to fly beyond visual line of sight, so many of these applications are out of reach.

The FAA has said that they will publish rules to allow drones to fly beyond visual line of sight soon, but those rules will require a drone to be able to detect and avoid other aircraft.

With a small video camera in front or underneath a drone, how can it see other fast moving aircraft in the sky around it? Vigilant Aerospace has an answer.

Our FlightHorizon system, originally developed and tested by NASA, uses a transponder on the drone to interact with both air traffic control and directly with other aircraft.

The transponder detects the location, speed and direction of other aircraft, and our software displays the aircraft on the operator’s screen.

If another aircraft gets close to the drone, the software immediately alerts the operator with a visual and audible notification.

If the aircraft is on a path to collide with the drone, the software sounds an alarm and, using proprietary algorithms developed by NASA, the operator is given specific evasive maneuvers to avoid a collision.

Once well clear, the operator can be given instructions to get the drone back onto its original flight path.

FlightHorizon also displays a 3D model of the drone and any other aircraft around it, giving the operator a synthetic cockpit view.

Waypoints can be entered to direct navigation of the drone. All flights and encounters with other aircraft are automatically logged by the software.

FlightHorizon logo Vigilant Aerospace SystemsFlightHorizon also provides weather radar data, control zones, and navigational charts as well as high-resolution aerial photography of the ground.

FlightHorizon provides commercial drone operators with a complete flight safety and compliance solution for beyond visual line of sight flying and the future of commercial unmanned flight.

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