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We’re excited to announce the new FlightHorizon product tour, which provides a visual walk-through of FlighHorizon’s user interface and functions.

The product tour includes screenshots highlighting major functions of the software and demonstrates how easy it is to use FlightHorizon with unmanned aircraft to detect, track and avoid other air traffic and also to maintain situational awareness and know the exact location of your drone, even when beyond line-of-sight or flying at night.

Our FlightHorizon products include FlightHorizon GA™ for general aviation, FlightHorizon UAS™ for unmanned aerial systems, and, coming soon, FlightHorizon Enterprise™ for centralized flight data collection, reporting and analysis.

Check out the FlightHorizon Product Tour!

Click the link below to view our new FlightHorizon Product Tour page for more information on how FlightHorizon avionics software can help you detect-and-avoid other aircraft for safer unmanned commercial flying.

FlightHorizon Product Tour

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