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Papers & Presentations

  • NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA: “µADS-B Flight Tests on Phantom 4 Unmanned Aircraft System.” Arteaga, Ricardo, et al. 2017. 17p. – Link [PDF]
  • Federal Laboratory Consortium National Meeting, Federal Laboratory Consortium: “Detect-and-Avoid System with ADS-B Avionics for Unmanned Aerial Systems.” Arteaga, Ricardo. 2017 April 25. 1p. – Link [PDF]
  • NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA: “Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast: ADS-B Sense-and-Avoid System.” Arteaga, Ricardo. 2016 June 13. 38p. – Link [PDF]
  • AIAA Flight Testing Conference, AIAA Aviation Forum: “Application of an ADS-B Sense and Avoid Algorithm.” Arteaga, Cavalin, Dandachy and Kotcher. (AIAA 2016-3651): 2016 June 13. 20p. – Link [PDF]
  • Conference on Systems Engineering Research: “ADS-B Flight Tests on Ikhana Unmanned Aircraft System.” Arteaga, Dandachy, Koshimoto, Kim and Strongrich; 2014. 15p. – Link [PDF]


  • “Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) System for Ownership and Traffic Situational Awareness.” Arteaga, Ricardo. Patent 9,405,005. 2016 Aug 2. – Link [PDF]

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