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FlightHorizon GCS™

FlightHorizon GCS™ (Ground Control Station) is a complete solution to allow unmanned aircraft pilots to detect, track, predict and avoid other aircraft. The software sends self-separation and commands to maintain well-clear distances the unmanned aircraft pilot to avoid conflicts quickly and efficiently.

Based on a patent and software developed at NASA, the system uses algorithms and flight rules to achieve safety and regulatory compliance when flying beyond visual line-of-sight.

FlightHorizon GCS™ is installed on a laptop or workstation at the ground control station for the unmanned aircraft and uses an ADS-B receiver at the workstation and a transponder on the aircraft to track the unmanned aircraft and all other nearby aircraft in real-time to provide situational awareness, traffic alerts, collision warnings and commands to maintain safe distances. When available, add-on data sources include ground-based radar and networked air traffic control feeds (Unmanned Traffic Management – UTM).

The user interface for unmanned pilots provides 2D map views, 3D synthetic cockpit views, and specific traffic warnings and avoidance commands in the form of audible, textual and visual guides.

FlightHorizon GCS™ is designed to meet the FAA’s Part 107.205 waiver requirements for beyond visual line-of-sight flights and the anticipated RTCA SC-228 Phase II Minimum Operating Performance Standards (MOPS).

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Features & Benefits

Drone Detect_1 Proprietary and patented avoidance algorithms
Drone Detect_4 Traffic awareness and visualization for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights
Drone Detect and Avoid_1 Real-time detect-and-avoid with traffic alerts and specific avoidance commands
Communication_1 Real-time traffic data collected from aviation receiver and other data feeds, as an add-on
Drone_2 Integrates with multiple receiver models including uAvionix and Stratux
multi-platform Runs on tablet (touch-friendly), laptop or workstation
Drone_Global_1 Well-tested user interface design, including 2D map and 3D synthetic cockpit views and interactive geo-browser with high-resolution aerial photography
Air-traffic control zones, and navigational and sectional charts
Detailed flight and traffic logging and full replay of flights

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