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FlightHorizon GA™

FlightHorizon logo_VigilantAerospace SystemsFlightHorizon GA™ is an avionics software package that provides traffic and situational awareness, detect-and-avoid, synthetic cockpit views and other flight information for General Aviation pilots using a variety of sensors, including their ADS-B In transponder.

FlightHorizon GA™ is an easy-to-use app with a modern interface running on a tablet or laptop to receive and display air traffic, weather and other information delivered by the FAA’s new NextGen air traffic control network. The product is based on an exclusively licensed patent and software suite developed and tested by NASA at Armstrong Flight Research Center with FAA observation.

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Drone Detect_1 Proprietary, patented avoidance algorithms and well-tested user interface design
Drone Detect_4 Traffic awareness and visualization including over-the-horizon air traffic
Drone Detect and Avoid_1 Real-time detect-and-avoid with traffic alerts and specific avoidance commands
 Drone_Warning_2  Air-traffic control zones and temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) overlay
Drone_Global_1 High resolution aerial photography and interactive geo-browser
Communication_1 Real-time traffic data from on-board transponder and internet-based FAA feed
multi-platform Multi-platform; Runs on tablet or laptop and on Windows, Mac or Linux OS
Drone_2 Integrates with multiple transponder models via serial, USB or wifi
Weather Cloud_1 Real-time weather radar overlay
Drone Detect and Avoid_4 Navigational and approach charts overlay
Drone_Tracking_Info_System_Computer_3 Detailed flight and traffic logging and replay

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View and download our FlightHorizon™ Software and Services Overview [PDF] document for more information on: Integration and Consulting Services, FlightHorizon GCS™, FlightHorizon AIR™FlightHorizon PILOT™FlightHorizon FLEET™, and check out our Buying Guide to find out which package is best for you!

FlightHorizon™ Software & Services Overview PDF

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