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Vigilant Aerospace has provided airspace safety support to the unmanned aircraft response team that has gathered in Houston to help local and federal agencies, including FEMA, in damage assessment and data collection work during the early stages of the Tropical Storm Harvey disaster recovery. The team is profiled in detail, below.

UPDATE: 9-8-2017:

Parker Gyokeres, Team Lead for Humanitarian Drones was interviewed on HLN this morning. The interview featured images from the drone damage surveys the team has been doing this past week.

UPDATE: 9-7-2017:

Vigilant Aerospace is a tech startup that has exclusively licensed NASA’s situational awareness and detect-and-avoid system for unmanned aircraft. Based on NASA technology, we developed a product called FlightHorizon that can be used on a laptop by a drone pilot or onboard the drone as a portable detect-and-avoid system.

It receives and processes signals from existing aviation transponders and ground-based or airborne radar, when available. It tracks a pilot’s drone and provides alerts, warnings and avoidance commands to prevent collisions with other aircraft.

Last week, we traveled to Houston to bring our system to a group of unmanned aircraft pilots providing humanitarian flights to FEMA and other organizations to document damage and help in relief efforts. They used FlightHorizon as a portable airspace safety system as they traveled through some of the hardest hit parts of the Texas Gulf Coast.

We attached a transponder to their primary drone and trained them to use the system to monitor their drone and the surrounding airspace. They were flying with special Certificates of Authority from the FAA to collect data under the Temporary Flight Restriction that covered the region.

We believe that drones can and should play a critical role in disaster response because they provide immediate access to better data, mapping, and situational awareness in a way that is safer, faster and less costly than other methods of assessment, including the use of manned aircraft. FlightHorizon fills a critical gap in the operation of drones in disaster response by providing a portable airspace safety system that is actively monitoring for conflicts, providing audible and visual traffic alerts and providing split-second avoidance guidance for drone pilots.

If you are interested in learning more about flight operations, please contact Parker Gyokeres at

They produced and shared this video, including a thank you to Vigilant Aerospace and NASA:

UPDATE: 9-5-2017: The humanitarian drone team is now flying for FEMA in Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Rockport and other hard-hit Texas Gulf Coast towns in order to help document damage and direct aid. They are using FlightHorizon in an overwatch capacity to monitor aircraft in their airspace and keep their UAS safe and out of the way of other aircraft. They are flying under valid FAA COAs, where necessary.


Vigilant Aerospace has provided the team with a FlightHorizon detect-and-avoid and situational awareness kit, including fully configured software, sensor-equipped laptop and a transponder for their surveying aircraft. We will be on-call to provide ongoing remote support to this team.


The system will be used to keep their aircraft safe while flying near other first-responders. We completed install, setup, testing and training with a team member who will be providing airspace monitoring and visual observation while the team is flying. Flights are being conducted under FAA Certificates of Authorization (COA) issued in support of government agencies.

While conducting training and testing of FlightHorizon, the system consistently detected evacuation and helicopters moving people and food, military aircraft providing support, and NOAA research aircraft orbiting the airspace.

Aircraft were displayed on-screen and were tracked locally from the receiver attached to the FlightHorizon laptop, enabling the system to travel with the team and to be turned on and used immediately from the laptop whenever they need to fly.

The team has provided damage assessment and data collection services to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), who are working to collect data in the greater Gulf Coast region for flood damage assessment and aid.

These hardworking people have given up their time and money to come to the area from both nearby and from other states to help these departments, on-demand. They bring deep expertise, military backgrounds in many cases, and sophisticated equipment including small and mid-sized unmanned aircraft equipped with high-resolution sensors that are normally used for industrial inspection work and HD videography.

We applaud them, and all of the volunteers and first-responders working in the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region to provide search and rescue, immediate life-saving aid, and eventual recovery services to those affected by the disaster.


On a personal note, having spent a few days doing hands-on equipment install and training with these folks, I came to admire their fighting spirit and willingness to lend a hand in tough circumstances to those in great need and to the agencies providing immediate rescue and aid. Putting sophisticated technology into the field in a disaster zone is challenging (!!) and these people are able to do it with excellence and vigor. We are proud to support them in this mission.

– Kraettli L. Epperson, CEO, Vigilant Aerospace

UPDATE: 9-5-2017: The Humanitarian Drone Team created a video about their work and thanking their supporters:

UAS Response Team – Humanitarian Drones

Parker Gyokeres

Parker Gyokeres

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Jes Chosid

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Glenn Cox

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Daniel Herbert

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Mark Blacklin

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Tyris Audronis

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Kraettli Epperson

Kraettli Epperson

CEO at Vigilant Aerospace Systems

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