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FlightHorizon Enterprise™



FlightHorizon logo_VigilantAerospace SystemsFlightHorizon Enterprise™ brings all the power and compliance features of FlightHorizon UAS™ into a central location to make running a corporate drone fleet easier and safer.

FlightHorizon Enterpise™ is software for managing flight plans and logs, flight data, inventory and equipage, operator info and FlightHorizon UAS™ licenses across multiple drones. The system runs on a workstation and automatically synchronizes and collects data from all connected FlightHorizon UAS™ systems, providing an aviation department with detailed reports, flight tracking and visual replay of flight logs in a 3D synthetic cockpit view.

The product is based on an exclusively licensed patent and software suite developed and tested by NASA at Armstrong Flight Research Center with FAA observation.

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Drone_Tracking_Info_System_Computer_2 Multiple aircraft can synchronize their FlightHorizon UAS flight log data back to FlightHorizon Enterprise
drone_locate_survey_1 Flight reporting includes vehicle ID, flight time, date and flightpath; vehicle encounters, and pilot comments
Drone Detect and Avoid_1 Compliance reporting including vehicle equipage reports and flightpath reports near restricted airspace
drone-detect_2 Centralized flight planning and pre-flight plan distribution to individual FlightHorizon UAS stations
drone-detect-and-avoid_2 Incident reporting and report submission from FlightHorizon UAS stations to FlightHorizon Enterprise
drone_operator_1 Flight log replays including 2D and 3D synthetic cockpit views of the full flight replay
drone-detect-and-avoid_5 Centralized account and license management for all FlightHorizon UAS software licenses
drone_4 Pilot hours logging and vehicle hours logging for quality control and maintenance
drone_copter_6 Offline operations sync data to FlightHorizon Enterprise at next online connection
graph_1 Vehicle inventory and payload control tracking
multi-platform Runs on a desktop, laptop or tablet

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View and download our FlightHorizon™ Software and Services Overview [PDF] document for more information on: Integration and Consulting Services, FlightHorizon GCS™, FlightHorizon AIR™FlightHorizon PILOT™FlightHorizon FLEET™, and check out our Buying Guide to find out which package is best for you!

FlightHorizon™ Software & Services Overview PDF

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