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Beyond Line-of-Sight (BLOS) Commercial Drones List

Updated November 2017!

This list of beyond line-of-sight drones is an industry resource, created and maintained by Vigilant Aerospace, that provides drone buyers and operators with a list of all currently available commercial unmanned aircraft available for purchase in the US with the range and ability to be controlled at distances of 1 mile or more.

Our flagship product, FlightHorizon, provides unmanned aircraft with detect-and-avoid capabilities either when piloted or operating fully autonomously, and helps operators to obtain a beyond line-of-sight flight waiver from the FAA under Part 107.200 and other national and international rules.

This drone list is not intended to include legacy commercial aircraft or surplus military aircraft that might be used for commercial flights, but is intended to include all new, currently available BLOS unmanned aircraft.

The list includes manufacturer, product name and model, type, intended purpose, weight, maximum speed, endurance, length, wingspan, maximum take-off weight, maximum payload, remote range, approximate price and a link to the aircraft’s webpage on the manufacturer’s website.

Our goal is to keep this list complete and updated on a quarterly basis. If you know of an aircraft we should include in this list, please use our contact form to submit details and specifications for consideration.

Vigilant Aerospace Systems is happy to consult with FlightHorizon subscribers about suitable UAS platforms for beyond visual line-of-sight operations. Please contact us.


Download Here:

BLOS Drone List – Vigilant Aerospace Systems – November 2017

* Please note: The appearance of a product on this list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of that product by Vigilant Aerospace Systems. All information included in this list is based on specifications provided by the manufacturer.

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